Growing population, rising income levels and rapid urbanization lead to growth in the housing industry of Delhi. IndiastatDelhi have covered complete statistical information on House and Their Uses, Households by Food Availability/Sources of Drinking Water/Sources of Electricity/Sources of Specified Assets/Sources of Toilet/Bathing Facility/Type of Fuel Used for Cooking/Type of Occupancy, Households Debt and Investment, Households Population by Language, Housing Condition, Housing Projects, Housing Schemes, Societies, Residential Houses and Households and Others.

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Agricultural Households Agricultural Households: Income, Expenditure, Productive Assets and Indebteness of Agricultural Households Indebtedness of Farmer Households Situation of Agricultural Households
House and Their UsesHouse and Their Uses
Households by Food AvailabilityHouseholds by Food Availability
Households by Social GroupHouseholds by Social Group
Households by Sources of Drinking Water Households by Sources of Drinking Water: Households by Sources of Drinking Water Survey on Households having Drinking Water Facilities
Households by Sources of Electricity Households by Sources of Electricity: Households by Main Source of Lighting Households by Primary Source of Energy for Cooking
Households by Sources of Specified Assets Households by Sources of Specified Assets: Households Availing Banking Services and Having Each of Specified Assets Specified Assets Possessing by Households
Households by Sources of Toilet/Bathing Facility Households by Sources of Toilet/Bathing Facility: Households by Sources of Toilet/Bathing Facility/Drainage Connectivity Survey on Households having Toilet/Bathing Facility
Households by Type of Fuel Used for Cooking Households by Type of Fuel Used for Cooking: Households by Availability of Separate Kitchen and Type of Fuel Used For Cooking Households by Primary Source of Energy Used for Cooking
Households by Type of OccupancyHouseholds by Type of Occupancy
Households Debt and InvestmentHouseholds Debt and Investment
Households Population by LanguageHouseholds Population by Language
Households Population by ReligionHouseholds Population by Religion
Housing Condition Housing Condition: Housing Condition Survey on Housing Condition
Housing ConstructionHousing Construction
Housing ProjectsHousing Projects
Housing Schemes Housing Schemes: Housing Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) Integrated Housing and Slums Development Programme (IHSDP) Integrated Low Cost Sanitation (ILCS) Scheme Interest Subsidy Scheme for Housing the Urban Poor (ISHUP) Others Rural Housing Schemes (RHS) Social Housing Schemes
Housing SocietiesHousing Societies
Residential Houses and HouseholdsResidential Houses and Households

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